Principal Investigator​

Pavel Sidorenko

Asst. Prof. Technion Faculty of Electrical And Computer Engineering

Research Areas

Nonlinear wave phenomena in optical fibers

Cutting-edge laser technologies, high power lasers​

Propagation effects of short laser pulses​

Ultrafast lasers​

Ultrafast optical pulse characterization

Contact Details:​
Solid State Institute #310
Technion, Haifa, Israel

Pavel Sidorenko | Asst. Professor | Technion Faculty of Electrical And Computer Engineering

BSc Physics Technion (2009)
MSc/PhD Physics Technion (2016)

  • Generation and characterization of laser pulses
  • PhD advisor: Prof. Oren Cohen

Postdoc Cornell University (2017-2022)

  • Nonlinear fiber optics and ultrafast lasers
  • Supervisors: Prof. Frank Wise​​​

Lab Engineer

Idan Sthzeglowski

Idan Sthzeglowski

Idan received a BSc in Physics from Technion. Worked several years in laser based medical industry.​

MsC Students

Barak Messica photo

Barak Messica

Enthusiastic by fiber optics and ultra-short pulses and manipulating the physics into useful applications.​

Moshe Labaz​

Moshe Labaz​

Don't be a fork in a world full of soups.​

Nitzan Haviv​

Nitzan Haviv

An ambitious M.Sc. student focused on Nonlinear and Ultrafast Optics. Empowered by understanding how nature works and aiming to implement this knowledge into a useful solution. When is not in the lab, Nitzan enjoys most kinds of sports and playing music.​


Michael Feldman

I am a Master of Electrical Engineering student, specializing in the study of thermal solitons and their applications in lasers.

Currently Working on a Project

Tali Tzuk photo

Tali Tzuk

Interested in applied physics, with a focus on lasers and optics. Studying the fields of fiber lasers, nonlinear optics and ultra short pulses.​